A Booklover’s Last Stand!

A Booklover’s Last Stand?

By James Patrick Maney

Go where few tourists [and not many Irish] have gone before . . .

Booklovers is a collection of true stories from a year exploring Ireland by bus, train, car and shoe leather. It started as a trip to visit indie book shops and to buy at least one new book in each one. But you can’t just go into a town, buy a book and bolt. It was a trip full of wonderful experiences and dozens of good people. I learned – and include stories about – Ireland’s witchcraft trials and the relationship between Rapunzel and a Catholic saint. What to do when your wake-up call is the hotel’s fire alarm. Being stuck in a rental car where you can’t turn off the radio. Being reminded that you can’t tell a book by its cover, or find your way using online maps. And all the things we learn from people-watching: keeping your eyes and ears open while your mouth remains shut.

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When you tour Ireland without a GPS you come home with lots of stories . . . and stacks of new books to read

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